The performance, stability, and security of our services are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative technology

Equipment redundancy

All our facilities are fully redundant at every level: power supply (UPS + generator + double power supply for all machines), cooling (campus water cooling circuits + independent system in the data centre), and networks (always two redundant network paths), with N+1 or cluster configuration on all machines (servers, storage, firewall, etc.).

Network virtualisation

With Cumulus, Université Laval was among the first in the world to use VMware NSX technology to completely virtualize the network layer. This allows us to share physical resources while completely isolating our clients’ networks from each other and from our facilities.

Moreover, each client is completely free to build its own network topology within its virtual data centre. More information

Storage virtualization

We’ve also completely virtualized our storage (supply, management, etc.).This gives us unparalleled flexibility to better meet your needs and expectations. With our fully self-service interfaces, each client is able to manage and expand its storage to meet its needs, and monitor its consumption.

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