A number of factors make Cumulus the perfect facility to store your data, applications, and services


Your active data is stored in Québec City at the Université Laval data centre. For greater security, your backup copies are located off-campus with a world-class partner, also in Québec City.

So compliance with the Privacy Act, or similar legislation, is guaranteed.

Physical access

Access to our data centre and that of our partner (for backup copies), is governed by strict rules and monitored around the clock. It is highly restricted, and all those who enter the data centre—for equipment maintenance, for example—are accompanied at all times. Plus the security system is topped off by camera systems that are inspected regularly.

Data segregation

Although they share common physical infrastructure, all virtual data centres and storage spaces are kept completely separate. Use of a virtual network, dedicated firewall systems, and isolation technology in the storage facility guarantees the security of your data.