Cumulus’s data protection options safeguard your virtual data centres, servers, and physical work stations.

Deleted a file by mistake? Need to return to a number of points in time for the same day? Snapshots of your data, available for all our storage classes, meet these needs and more.

Our various options for daily backup copies
offer all the management room you need

Full backup of your data every day, without complex schedules or programs

Data retention periods of 30, 60, or 120 days: It’s your choice

Self-service interfaces to implement protection plans or restore data

Dedicated, off-campus storage units for heightened protection and security

Need to keep your data longer? Our cassette archiving options make that possible, without service interruptions or additional loads on your facilities, because exports are performed directly from your backups.

Backup and archiving services provided by your Cumulus virtual data centre are also available for your physical equipment. You no longer need to buy or maintain your own solution: a simple network connection is all you need.

Data security shouldn’t be a privilege